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Merkur Park Hamburg

The commercial park Merkur Park Hamburg in the northeast of Hamburg is a real estate project which was developed by the Jebens Industriebau GmbH with great commitment and great care in 1992 and consists of various mixed-use representative real estate.

The concept of the Merkur Park was developed at the beginning of the 90th century and differs due to its sophisticated overall architectural image as well as the quality of the commercial space and users of conventional commercial parks.

The convenient location and the proximity to the Rahlstedt regional train station give the location an attractive character for employees. Well-known companies such as Meyle AG, BASF Coating Services GmbH, SICK AG, Penske Sportwagen GmbH, Travelite GmbH & Co. KG or Küchen Aktuell have chosen the Merkur Park Hamburg for these reasons and managed to successfully grow over the past years.

Its diversified building structure gives Merkur Park Hamburg an excellent advantage over other commercial parks and creates unique spaces for commercial real estate. The innovative concept of the park is expressed through the balanced combination of people, workplace, architecture, nature and recreation. The ecologically oriented planning integrates the northern German nature and complements the architecture of the Hamburg cityscape.

Individual solutions correspond to the company-specific requirements of future users. The extraordinary flexibility of the commercial area offers a wide range of usable areas of all types and sizes. Besides the unique, architecturally appealing overall concept of the Merkur Park and its commercial real estate, the commercial park also stands out through the community of tenants among each other.

Central administration issues as well as the outdoor facility maintenance work are carried out by Jebens Industriebau GmbH itself. The presence at the location Merkur Park Hamburg and the resulting direct proximity to the resident companies is perceived as a great advantage.